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At Atelier Petrov, a client is the heart of all we create. His unique allure and vision of elegance drive the design and our creation.

Our handcrafted bags and small leathergoods are designed with functionality and beauty in mind. We believe our products are not just accessories - they are a statement of style and personality. 

 We listen to customers’ wishes, understand their habits and tastes, share vast expertise and dialogue, and make suggestions.

Contact us for a casual chat about your demands. 

Art Class
About Our Leather
Grattamacco leathers in four colors


We carefully select each material that goes into our products, from the leather and hardware to the thread and lining. We believe that every detail matters, so we take the time to source the best materials worldwide.


Our materials are not only beautiful but also sustainable and ethically sourced.


Since our earliest days in Oslo, Norway, our passion for watches influenced our passion for watch straps. We make watch straps for any watch, but our specialty is customized, a bespoken watch strap made to match the customer’s wrist. Given our high skill level and expertise, options for making your bespoken strap are endless.

Whether you are after a very special strap that suits your precious vintage watch or you would like to match the strap with your clothing, mood, or occasion, we will employ our experience and skills to create a watch strap as you desire.


Check our watch strap catalog

a marquetry watchstrap
 a green Belt


Why are handmade belts so special? Attention to each detail, no matter how small, the construction and choice of materials are what makes a handmade belt unique. We use traditional techniques and the best materials to create a belt that will last for years to come. Stitched belts are entirely stitched by hand, mostly with a technique called a saddle stitch. With the saddle stitching, a thread passes from front to back with every stitch, forming a knot and making a much stronger seam than it would if sewn by machine.

Our belts are made specifically for you, to whatever width or length you require, fitted exactly as you want. You may look at our shop?


Bags made by Atelier Petrov are designed for the modern world using traditional techniques passed down from generations, at a slow pace, to a mainly disappeared standard.

Entirely handmade and fully hand-stitched, our bags are made using the finest leather with just and only quality in mind.

We work together with a customer to create a one-of-a-kind bag that meets desires, exceeds expectations, and would last for generations.

a crocodile handbag
wallets in a hand


Creating an individual leather wallet tailored entirely to your wishes is one of our passions. An entirely handmade leather wallet made of selected material is when luxury is defined by craftsmanship, not simply by logo.

Our aim is a wallet that will become a faithful old friend you use daily.

Whatever you need, we will follow you in each step of the creation process, from your initial design ideas, embossing/debossing, choice of materials, and stitching, all the way through to a beautiful and long-lasting finished product.

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